Turkish Folk Music

The Turkish songs that Wind of Anatolia performs on stages today mostly come from a tradition of music called halk müziği which literally means “the people’s music.” Singers and players of Anatolian folk music are part of a living tradition stretching back hundreds of years. People of different ethnic and religious backgrounds have had a profound influence on this music. Minorities and indigenous peoples have enhanced Turkish folk styles, while they have adopted Turkish folk traditions and instruments. Baglama

Türk Halk Müziği (Turkish Folk Music) generally deals with subjects surrounding daily life in less grandiose terms than its traditional counterpart, Ottoman court music. Halk müziği is the musical expression of folk literature, which addresses events experienced by all sections of society with both a secular and religious approach. Most songs recount stories of real life events and Turkish folklore, or have developed through song contests between troubadour poets (aşik). Corresponding to their origins, halk müziği songs are usually performed at weddings, special festivals, and religious gatherings.

Halk müziği or Turkish Folk Music pieces are identifiable and distinguished by region. The regional mood also affects the subject of the folk songs. For example, songs from the Black Sea region are generally lively and express the customs of the region. Folk instruments range from string instruments such as the bağlama; bow instruments such as the kemençe; and percussion and wind instruments, including the zurna, ney, and davul. Regional variations place importance on different instruments, e.g. the darbuka in Rumeli and the kemençe around the Eastern Black Sea region.

Wind of Anatolia-Kilim

Wind of Anatolia was created five years ago by musicians who felt the need for performing Turkish folk music where they live. Their goal was to reach for more discerning listeners. Wind of Anatolia has changed and transformed over the years and now includes both traditional, classical and popular music in its repertoire. Wind of Anatolia has been performing in various stages year round and honored to be sharing unforgettable moments with music lovers from all walks of life!

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